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Meet Your
Host and Coach

Alan Nissman

High Performance Coach

I started working out as a young child, around 12 or 13, due to two older brothers. I went on to play several high school sports, becoming the strongest on my high school football team. During college, I became a competitive powerlifter placing in several regional competitions. I received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Miami. At the same time, I became a strength & and conditioning coach and assistant strength & and conditioning coach from the high school level to division A national college champion football and baseball teams. Along the way, I coached Olympic athletes, Heisman winners, NFL all-pros, and major league baseball players. I have owned three fitness facilities while being a high-performance coach at each of them. I’ve been in the martial arts throughout my life, spending six years in the ring as a kickboxer. Learning from living legends and world champions. I have continued to be a high-performance coach and sensei throughout my life.

Now is the perfect time
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When is there a better time than now to
get mentally & physically fit!

When is there a better time than now to get mentally & physically fit!